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Anatomical Differences Between the Wood of Three Species Commercialized as “Freijó” in the Amazon Region

João Rodrigo Coimbra Nobre; Luiz Eduardo de Lima Melo; Marcio Franck de Figueiredo; Allan Motta Couto; Joaquim Ivanir Gomes

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ABSTRACT: This study aims to bring forward helpful anatomical characteristics to assist in the identification of Cordia goeldiana Huber, Cordia bicolor A.DC. and Cordia alliodora (Ruiz & Pav.) Cham., all of them commercialized by the popular name of “freijó” in the Amazon region. The anatomical study of the woods followed the orientations of the International Association of Wood Anatomists - IAWA Committee. The helpful wood’s characteristics found to distinguish the species were: the different types of growth layers; type of axial parenchyma; presence of sheath cells involving the rays; frequency and diameter of the vessel elements; lumen diameter; and fiber wall fraction. Quantitatively, the applied multivariate techniques were helpful, once they have evidenced greater similarities between C. goeldiana and C. alliodora distinguishing themselves from C. bicolor mainly because of the rays’ height (μm). From the anatomical study of the woods it was possible to differentiate the species. We were able to see important anatomical patterns that could be helpful in the macroscopic and microscopic identification of the woods of C. goeldiana, C. bicolor and C. alliodora.


wood anatomy, Boraginaceae, Cordia, Amazon


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