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Topoclimate in Morlet, Cross and Coherence Wavelet Analyses in the Brazilian Cerrado

Ângela Fátima da Rocha; Ernany Paranaguá da Silva; Carlo Ralph De Musis

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ABSTRACT: In recent years, the Traditional Morlet Transform, Cross and Wavelet Coherence have been used as techniques to analyze time series from meteorological and climatic data, obtaining useful information. These techniques were used to study air temperature and relative air humidity, air pressure and wind variables from 2015 to 2017. The data was collected from a micrometeorological station of the Federal University of Mato Grosso State. The objective of the study was to obtain information regarding seasonal trends and effects. The Coherence constituted the normalized spectrum of the TWX, smoothed in time and scale. The seasonality of the region is characterized by the existence of two annual seasons, hot-humid and hot-dry seasons, qualitatively determining the energy levels of the urban cerrado ecosystem.


micrometeorological variables, power spectrum, urban climate


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