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Fertilization and Irrigation Affect Soil Carbon under Eucalyptus Plantation in the Cerrado

Ricardo Cardoso Fialho; Rafael da Silva Teixeira; Ana Paula Mendes Teixeira; Thalles Guimarães Reis; Ivo Ribeiro da Silva

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ABSTRACT: This study aimed: i) to evaluate the influence of fertilization and irrigation management on eucalyptus plantations for soil carbon (C) dynamics; ii) to evaluate the impact of fertilization and irrigation management on eucalyptus plantations in the C allocation in depth compared to the Cerrado biome. This study was carried out in an eucalyptus plantation at the end of the third rotation (7 years), which received different fertilizations and irrigations, and a Cerrado area was used as reference. Soil samples were collected in trenches and the gases (CO2 and CH4) on the surface. The total organic carbon (TOC) is more influenced by the availability of water than nutrients. Soils under eucalyptus stands are more efficient at C stocks in depth than the Cerrado and act as a liquid drain of CO2 and CH4 from the atmosphere.


CO2, CH4, carbon management index, planted forests


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