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Floresta e Ambiente
Floresta e Ambiente
Original Article Wood Science and Technology

Elementary, Chemical and Energy Characterization of “Dendê” (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) Waste in the State of Pará

Jesomi Jonatan da Costa Abreu; Cleibiane da Silva Martins; Paulo Cezar Gomes Pereira; Maria Lucia Bianchi; João Rodrigo Coimbra Nobre

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ABSTRACT: This work aimed to chemically and energetically characterize palm waste in the municipality of Igarapé Açú-PA. The residue was crushed, sieved and acclimated up to 12% of humidity. Chemical analyses were performed in the fresh material, according to NBR standards. Part of the residue was transformed into charcoal at 450 °C, with heating rate of 1.67 °C.min-1 and residence time of 30 minutes. Elementary analysis (CHNS-O) was carried out in the fresh and carbonized material. For biomass, means of 32.67% of lignin and 2.58% of minerals were found. Means of 79.71% for volatile materials and 9.85% for fixed carbon were also found. In the elementary analysis, mean values of 53.79% for carbon and 0.7% for sulfur were found. Palm biomass residues presented high fixed carbon, structural carbon and lignin levels, thus presenting potential to be used in the direct production of energy, activated carbon and also biochar.


biomass, fixed carbon, lignin, energy


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