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Floresta e Ambiente
Floresta e Ambiente
Original Article Wood Science and Technology

Evaluation of Biomass Properties for the Production of Solid Biofuels

José Cláudio Caraschi; Danielle Goveia; Glauton Dezajacomo; Glaucia Aparecida Prates

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ABSTRACT: The efficient use of biomass as fuel requires prior knowledge of the composition and properties of the material in order to be able to develop technologies for its efficient combustion while ensuring that emissions of pollutants remain within acceptable limits. Therefore, the analysis of the physical and chemical properties of these materials is essential in order to evaluate their potential for energy purposes. Given the need for improved understanding of biofuels, this study aimed to characterize biomass waste obtained from the manufacturing process of wood panels and urban waste for the production of solid biofuels. Biomass wastes were characterized in terms of their physical and chemical properties. Wastes that presented the poorest qualities for use as fuels were eucalyptus bark, industrial waste, and sweepings, which had high ash contents and low calorific values. The remaining wastes showed satisfactory characteristics for use as solid biofuels.


bioenergy, heat combustion, lignocellulosic wastes


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