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Floresta e Ambiente
Floresta e Ambiente
Original Article Conservation of Nature

Initial in vitro Establishment of the Native Cerrado Orchid Miltonia Flavescens

Camila Soares Rosa Lemes; José Carlos Sorgato; Jackeline Schultz Soares; Danieli Pieretti Nunes; Luan Marlon Ribeiro

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Abstract: The situation of native orchids from natural environments becomes more vulnerable each day, especially those not protected by conservation units. Thus, studies on the propagation of species, especially on in vitro germination and initial establishment, are necessary for maintaining species in their habitat and reintroduction in restoration areas. This study verifies the influence of the nutritional composition of the culture media on in vitro germination and initial establishment of Miltonia flavescens. Seeds from natural pollination were sown in four different culture media and put in a growing room under controlled photoperiods and temperature. The germination was evaluated 30 days after sowing, and the initial growth of the seedlings at 120 and 180 days after sowing. The results indicated the Murashige and Skoog medium, complete and with half of the salt concentrations, promoted a higher germination percentage and were more effective in the initial development of M. flavescens seedlings.


Orchidaceae, Cerrado, in vitro culture


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