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Color Parameters to Predict Moisture and Tannin Content in Yerba Mate Process

Catia Nara Tobaldini Frizon; Silvana Nisgoski

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Abstract: This study evaluated color and reflectance spectra during industrial process of yerba mate leaves and tested the potential of these parameters to predict moisture and tannin content, to be applied as an auxiliary tool in quality control in industry. Two groups of yerba mate samples were evaluated: one grown under organic and another under conventional conditions. The results indicate an increase in lightness, loss of the green color, although less marked in the organic samples, an increase of yellow in both types of samples along processing due to moisture removal at high temperatures. For moisture content, reflectance curve can be applied with R2 ≥ 0.9, and for tannin content the sum of b* parameter and spectra in region 590-700 nm are recommended. Color parameters and reflectance spectra can be applied for a preliminary evaluation of moisture and tannin content in the yerba mate industry, contributing for the quality control of samples.


Ilex paraguariensis, industrial processing, leaves characteristics and prediction


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