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Compost Increases Soil Fertility and Promotes the Growth of Five Tropical Species Used in Urban Forestry

Silvia Melissa Manrique-Vega, Oscar Alvarado-Sanabria

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This study aims at assessing the impact of compost application on the physical (porosity, volumetric-moisture and bulk density) and the chemical traits of soil (pH, organic carbon, electrical conductivity, cation exchange capacity and soil nutrients) on the leaf nutrient concentration and growth (height, diameter, new leaf-structures and chlorophyll content) of five native species used in urban forestry. Using a two-way factorial design, we evaluated three substrates: i) Soil (ii) Soil-compost mixture SC-12.5 (12.5 % compost (v/v)) (iii) Soil-compost mixture SC-25 (25 % compost (v/v)) and five species: Retrophyllum rospigliosiiInga edulis, Citharexylum montanum, Caesalpinia spinosa, and Citharexylum sulcatum. We found that SC-25 and SC-12.5 increased the electric conductivity, cation exchange capacity, organic carbon, and soil base saturation. Moreover, compost addition increased the growth of the five native species evaluated. Such results suggest that compost-application is a viable option to improve soil fertility and promote the growth of native trees.


Urban soils; Physicochemical properties; Legumes; Native tree; Organic matter


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