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We are pleased to announce that FLORAM has received its first impact factor rating in the 2022 Journal Citation Reports (JCR).

Now FLORAM has the highest impact factor among Brazilian Forest Sciences journals.

Floresta e Ambiente
Floresta e Ambiente
Original Article

Adhesion quality of quaruba cedar wood glued joints under internal and external service conditions

Tienne, Delaine Lima da C.; Nascimento, Alexandre Miguel do; Garcia, Rosilei Apda.; Silva, Daniel Borges

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The objective of this study was to determine the adhesion quality of quaruba cedar wood glued joints by means of tensile strength, shear strength before and after exposure to weathering simulated conditions, and delamination tests. Wood glued joints were bonded with three adhesives: resorcinol, resorcinol-tannin (90:10) and resorcinol-tannin (80:20) at 25 and 600C curing temperatures with 0 and 10 % methanol contents. Wood glued joints bonded with resorcinol adhesive at 250C without methanol presented high tensile strength, with values similar to solid wood. Wood glued joints bonded at 250C presented the highest shear strength values even after the exposition to weathering simulated conditions.


quaruba cedar wood, shear strength, tensile strength, wood glued joints
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