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Establishment of legume trees on heaps of blast furnace slag

Macedo, Michele O.; Campello, Eduardo Francia C.; Andrade, Aluisio G.; Faria, Sergio M. de

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Blast furnace slag is usually stored in open air deposits and it can be carried by the wind. This problem can be reduced using plant cover. This work aim to evaluate: a) the potential of A.angustissima and M.caesalpiniifolia to cover the heaps of blast furnace slag and b) the effect of hydrogel Stockosorb®Agro on the establishment and growth of these species on blast furnace slag. The results showed a good capacity of species to establish, to grow and are to cover the heaps of blast furnace slag. The hydrogel had no influence on the parameters evaluated. Phosphate fertiliser, micronutrients and manure amendments are sufficient for the establishment of species.


hydrophilic polymer, degraded land reclamation, revegetation
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