ISSN 1415-0980 (Printed) ISSN 2179-8087 (Eletronic)

About Floram


Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro-UFRRJ
Instituto de Florestas
FLORAM - Revista Floresta e Ambiente

Floresta e Ambiente is a scientific journal, free of charges, started in 1994 and published by the Forest Institute of Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, printed in format (ISSN 1415-0980) and digital (ISSN 2179-8087).It has as the main objective disseminate originals articles, review articles or bibliographic updates and short communication, related to Forestry Science. Will be considered accepted for submission and publication related articles the following thematic areas of Forest Science: Forestry, Forest Management, Wood Science and Technology, Forest Products, Forest Biomass and Energy and Conservation of Nature. It will be deemed accepted for publication themes that fall at the forefront of pure and applicable science. Research papers are works whose results arose from factual information of the data obtained experimentally or collected in the literature or others reliable sources. Review articles are deemed articles of special content whose relevance fits the need of the complete literature base of certain topic. Scientific communication articles are articles that describe an innovative character event and of great importance in the forestry science field.

Editorial Policy

Floresta e Ambiente maintains high ethical standards regarding publications, collaborators and strict quality criteria for published articles. The journal chooses ethical referees that are qualified and able to perform impartial review, always seeking constructive and professional criticism. The journal Floresta e Ambiente adopts the Creative Commons Attribution License CC-BY, therefore all the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under this license.