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Advice to the Author


Title - Purpose and succinct with a maximum of 12 words. All the words in uppercase and scientific name(s) in italics, centered text in bold.

Author (s) - Name (s) (s) Author (s) (s) must be centered (s) on the cover page, below the title in bold.

Presentation - Must be written on the sheet containing the title showing the relevance of the subject and should have between 50 and 200 words.

TEXT - Double space the first version and single-space in the final, on letter-size paper (2.591 x27 94 cm), with the top, bottom, left and right margin of 2.5 cm, font Times New Roman 12. The text should be typed in Word For Windows without page numbering FIGURES - should be centralized, with or without borders, including the text, prese

FIGURES - should be centralized, with or without borders, including the text, presented in black and white. The title should be self-explanatory, numbered in Arabic numerals, aligned and positioned on the left bank just below the figure. Here are included, graphics, photographs (crisp and contrast), drawings, etc..

To publish, the author must submit your manuscript to the TECHNICAL SERIES Editor.

FLORESTA E AMBIENTE, strictly obeying the rules described below. It is for the Editor, instantly reject the manuscript that does not fit within the standards. The manuscript that fit the profile required for publication will be preliminarily reviewed by the Editors and only after will follow to the advisory committee. The volumes will be published according to the demand flow of incoming jobs. The work should obligatorily contain between 6-40 pages. In this type of publication, will not be accepted articles to be copies of articles or other literary sources with no didactic, technical or scientific contribution. Fit articles from monographs, trials, databases, teaching materials, etc..

The publications fall within the sub-areas defined by CNPq - Silviculture - Forestry - Techniques and Forestry Operations - Technology and Utilization of Forest Products - Nature Conservation - Energy from Forest Biomass

Figure 2. Fluctuation (log (x +1)) of individuals Aphodiidae families, Carabidae and Melolonthidae collected in planting E. urophylla in Três Marias, MG.

TABLES - should be included in the text. The title should be self-explanatory, aligned and positioned in the left margin above the table, numbered in Arabic numerals.

Table 2. Quantification of components for measurement of time and temperature of the cement hydration in the absence and presence of particles.

REFERENCES - In text should be cited in plain text, according to ABNT. It is recommended to avoid quotation of simple summaries, only citing Congress extended abstracts or other scientific event of the same nature. It will only be accepted a quote from the computer network.

In the text:
Gottlieb (1996) highlights the antioxidant activities of secondary metabolites and states that the protection against the deleterious effects of oxygen is the main function of these substances.

Other species used, albeit on a small scale, are Gmelina arborea and Araucaria angustifolia, the latter with its operation suspended (D'Almeida, 1988).

Two authors: Stell & Torres (1989) or (Stell & Torres, 1989)
More than two authors: Valle et al. (1998) or (Valle et al. 1998)

In the reference:
Type the reference in the left margin using single space (a) between the lines and double space to separate references to each other.

LITERATURE CONSULTED - Used for articles from lecture notes. In this case there is no obligation quotation in the text.

Books and pamphlets:
HARBORNE, JB Introduction to ecological biochemistry. 3.ed. London: Academic Press, 1988. 382 p.

Articles published in Scientifc Magazine:
LATORRACA, J.V.F.; ALBUQUERQUE, C.E.C. Effect of rapid growth on the properties of wood. Forest and Environment, Seropédica, V.7, n.1, p.279-291, 2000

Monographs, Dissertations and Theses:
ROQUE, RM Management of Virola surinamensis amazônico.1998 in the estuary. 75f.
Monograph (Specialization in Environmental Ciênias) - Institute of Forestry, Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Seropédica.

PAIVA, S. R. Aspects of cellular and molecular biology of species of Plumbaginaceae. 1999. 120f. Dissertation (MSc in Ecology) - National Museum, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro.

BRITO, E. O. Production of particle boards of wood shavings from slash pine. Var. Elliottii planted in southern Brazil. 1995. 120 f. Thesis (Ph.D. in Forestry) - Division of Agricultural Sciences, Federal University of Parana, Curitiba.

Congresses, Conferences, meetings and other events:
BRAZILIAN CONGRESS OF TROPICAL FORESTS, 1., 1985, Proceedings of Bethlehem ... Bethlehem: Technical Books, 1985. 320 p.

Technical Standards:
BRAZILIAN ASSOCIATION OF TECHNICAL STANDARDS. NBR-6023: information and documentation - references - development. Rio de Janeiro, 2000. 22 p.

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Legislative References:
RURAL UNIVERSITY OF RIO DE JANEIRO. Order no. 187 of September 16, 1998. Official Gazette of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Brasilia, 24 September 1998. Section 2, p. 8301-8302.

Quote's quote:
Dix, B.; MARUTZKY, R. Untersuchungen von zur Gewinnung Polyphenolen Nadelholzrinden aus. Holz als Roh-und Werkstoff, Munich, vol. 41, p. 45-50, 1983 cited Dix, B., Okun, J.;

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Chapters in books:
KUITERS, A.T.; van BECKHOVEN, K.; ERNST, W.H.O. Chemical Influences of tree litters on herbaceous vegetation. In: FANTA, J. (Ed.) Forest dynamics research in Western and Central Europe. Wageningen, Pudoc, 1986. p. 140-170.

Papers presented at the Congress:
FERNANDES, F.S., FERREIRA, M.C. STAPE, J.L. Alternative production of Eucalyptus. In: BRAZILIAN FORESTRY CONGRESS, 5., 1986, Olinda. Proceedings ... London: Soc Bras. of Forestry, 1986. p. 73.

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BARNETT, J.P. Relating seedling morphology and phisiology of container-grown southern pines to field success. In: CONVENTION OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF Foresters, 1983, New Orleans. Proceedings ... New Orleans: USDA, 1983. p. 405-409.

Journal article:
NUNES, E. Alternative woods of the Amazon. Jornal do Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, p. 14, 20 August 2000.

WILLEITNER, H. Forest Protection. Translation of Mark Peixoto. New York:, 1985. 360 p. Original English.

Papers accepted for publication:
ALMEIDA, M.V. Quality Wood E. urophylla Seropédica the region. Floresta e Ambiente, Seropédica, 2001. In press

SANTANA, R. Effect of the fost growth on the wood. Forest and Environment, Seropédica, 2001. In press.

Electronic documents:
BELLATO, MA; FONTANA, DC El niño and agriculture in southern Brazil. Available at:

Documents CD - Rom:
PALMA, H.A.L.; BALLARIM, A. W. Demarcation and density of juvenile wood and mature Pinus taeda L. In: BRAZILIAN MEETING IN WOOD AND STRUCTURE OF WOOD, EB 117.01, 2002, Uberlândia. Annals .... Federal University of Uberlândia, a CD - Rom.

Entries should be sent to the Editorial Board TECHNICAL SERIES FOREST AND ENVIRONMENT on diskette accompanied by three hard copies and one with the name (s) of author (s). The authors will be awarded 10 free copies.

OBS. The series does not have technical reviewer of Portuguese. Any published article will be the responsibility of the author.

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Assistant Editor: Rosilei Aparecida Garcia


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