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Conversion Efficiency of Photosynthetically Active Radiation Into Acacia mearnsii Biomass

Elder Eloy; Elvis Felipe Elli; Felipe Schwerz


ABSTRACT: The objective of this experiment was to determine the conversion efficiency of intercepted photosynthetically active radiation into biomass of Acacia mearnsii De Wild. seedlings. A forest species, plastic tubes (90 cm3), and 11 evaluation periods (up to 180 days after emergence) were used in this study. The leaf area index (LAI), total dry biomass (BIO), global solar radiation (GSR), cumulative intercepted photosynthetically active radiation (PARic), and conversion efficiency of radiation (εb) were determined using a pyranometer (LI200X, LICOR). The value of εb in BIO seedlings of Acacia mearnsii was 7.76 g MJ-1. LAI was directly related to the efficiency of PARic, and this influenced the development, production potential and accumulation of BIO. The value of GSR flow was 11.81 MJ m-2 day-1, while the value inside the greenhouse was 6.26 MJ m-2 day-1.


black wattle, global solar radiation, leaf area index


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